Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tiny Tears

Heard this the other day on Radio Kultua out of Moscow... I think It's pretty dated, but I liked it. Another Tindersticks ditty. Tiny tears make up an ocean... And so a ripple...

Check it out: here

All goes well on this end. Brad will be back next Friday. YAY!

Saturday, September 08, 2012


Hey guys, Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Life has just been very busy!
First things first, I did in fact become a Lifetime Member of Weight Watchers on August 22! I actually had to weigh myself down a bit as I was under the 2 lb. threshold for obtaining Lifetime Membership in week 6 of maintenance! So now, I have to weigh in only once a month and as long as I am no more than 159 lb. everything is free. I still plan on going to most meetings to keep me centered and to support my good friend Shaun.

In other news, Brad left again on August 31 for 3 more weeks on the A.T. He plans to finish it this time! His nephew is getting married on Sept. 22, so he has to be back before then. In early October, we're renting a house on the south coast of the province for 10 days. The place looks spectacular and we can take the dogs with us. I'm looking forward to just relaxing, reading, and walking along the coast.

More later!