Monday, September 07, 2009

Weekend-end Wrap-up

Hey guys and gals. Sorry I haven't written much lately. Been tough getting back into a routine after vacation. Today, we were housecleaning in preparation for the arrival of my sister from Edmonton. She's down for the week to visit mom. We had a visit with George and Barb last night. Was a good time, but too much Effen vodka! ;) Gory. Don't know how those Russians do it!

Will try to write more regularly from now on! IN the meantime, here are a few more pics from opur vacation:

Kaiser - one of the best dogs in the world!

The gang walking on the beach - this was the day I stayed at the cottage fighting with the alarm system!

Me and Jasper on the beach


Hammock time!


Jim said...

Really nice photos. You guys must have had one amazing vacation. Now we want to go. Can we take Kaiser with us? LOL

Mark in DE said...

The idea of a hammock intrigues me!

Joy said...

Kaiser is beautiful. This looks idyllic! Glad you had a wonderful time and glad you're back home safe and sound.

Jeff said...

Thanks guys! It was a very good vacation. So great to have the dogs with us!