Saturday, October 31, 2009

Indulge Weekend - St. Andrews

Hey gang... I finally managed to get some images uploaded of our weekend in St. Andrews with Paul and Ron. They are below in no particular order... It's been a warm and windy day here today with showers threatening. Supposed to rain tonight and be a mix of sun and cloud tomorrow. I doubt that we'll get many trick or treaters tonight. We bought a few treats just in case. I raked most of our front lawn today, bagging the leaves and using the bags to bank the house around our sunporch. There is no basement under the sunporch and just lattice work from the bottom of the floor to the ground, so putting the bags of leaves on the outside by the lattice really makes a difference in keeping the house warmer.

We decided to visit my brother tomorrow, if he's up for a visit. We'll try to get away fairly early, visit my brother, and have lunch in a popular seafood restaurant in Saint John. I'm sure he won't be wanting many visitors next week when he will be feeling the full effect of the chemotherapy. And we are going to Montréal next weekend as well. Just a quick long-weekend jaunt to see an opera and check out life in the big city. We'll have a few good meals as well - in part to celebrate our 19th anniversary! It's officially on November 9.

Here's the pics!

Very typical Canadian fall scene - Road hockey! Dude is getting some practice shots in before the others arrive

View from the Kingsbrae Inn - the last stop on Saturday afternoon's wine trail

Local chefs in a competition Saturday morning. They had $20, 20 minutes to buy things at the market, and 20 minutes to come up with their concoctions: 20/20/20

Our room at the Inn.

One of the rooms upstairs, which will hopefully be occupied by some of our friends next year!

Our dining room. The propane fireplace made it very cosy at night!

Another room upstairs

View from our balcony at low tide

One of the stops on the wine trail. Brendan, the guy in the red shirt on the left, was quite a character. We ran into him several times over the course of the day and evening on Saturday... Super nice guy, but he does have his... um... issues. He manages a popular seafood restaurant in Saint John ;)

Dudes! Let's get this show on the road! Brad, Paul, and Ron in front of our place just before we set off on the wine trail

View of the back of our place. Our deck is on the bottom right. The patio, right on the water, was ours to use as well

Bread at the market

Veggies at the market

The Inn where the chef competition was held on Saturday morning.

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Jim said...

Very nice pictures. It looks like a very nice place in a lovely area. Thank you so much for sharing. :)