Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Painting Woes

Hey all... Once again I apologize for not blogging much of late. We've just been incredibly busy and are now in the process of having the inside of our house painted, all save a few rooms. Everything is upside-down and dusty, but the finished produce will be worth it I think. Since we moved in here 5 and a half years ago, we've only painted the top floor master bedroom, which had been an awful burnt orange colour that neither of us could stand. So we had that done fairly quickly. The rest of the house was mostly a light beige colour, which we really didn't mind that much, so we left it ... until now. We're having the trim and the baseboards done in a white glossy oil-based paint and the rest in an off-white called Moroccan Sand. It's looking really good so far, with the den and Brad's office basically done, though I think the office might need another coat tomorrow. The guy who's doing it is very good, fast, and clean. It would take us forever and a day to get the job done. Hopefully, he'll be finished by the end of the coming weekend, if not before. Now we're going to have to get all new furniture and window treatments to match the new look!

In other news, we had a great potluck dinner party last Saturday at Don and Marlene's place in the country. There was a "Christmas in the Village" day going on the same day, with a lot of the shops and galleries putting on special selections of their wares and goods. Don and Mar also participated, setting up a stand to sell their honey and homemade soaps. It was a very nice time despite the rainy cool weather. And dinner was delish, as always.

On Sunday, after going down to visit mom, I went to a special public clinic and got my H1N1 shot. It didn't hurt a bit on Sunday, but yesterday, I really felt like crap - sore arm and every joint in my body aching. But today, everything is back to normal and I feel fit as a fiddle. I even went for a swim after work. Something I have to do more often as well as spending a lot more time in the basement on my stationary bike... Perhaps there's a reason my Skinny Saturdays have fallen by the wayside lately!

In any case, I'll leave you with a few motivational pics!

Cheers amigos!


Mark in DE said...

Wow, having your entire house painted at once sounds like a big undertaking! Hope its over soon so you can get everything back to normal.

Jim said...

I remember renovating our whole house a few years ago. We thought it would never end. Sure hope we don't have to do that again any time soon.

Isn't painting your house during the cold season more difficult? In any case, good luck and enjoy your "new" home :)

Jeff said...

The painting is done. Gott sei danke! Our painter was supposed to come a bit earlier, but he had an accident and hurt his hand, so it was delayed by about a week and a half. It's been a fairly nice November/December so far, so we've been able to open some windows and air the place out. It would, of course, have made more sense to do it in the summertime, but our painter has a full-time job in the summer, so he's only available in the fall and winter.

It was definitely a challenge keeping the dogs away from the wet paint, but we managed. (Thank god Brad works at home!)

Hopefully we'll be able to get the place back in order this weekend.

Cheers guys!