Sunday, January 17, 2010

Busy Weekend

Phew! Sunday evening already! The weekend literally flew by. Started off with drinks with Don and Mar at a nearby hotel, as there was a gas leak at our usual haunt. Was good to catch up with them as I had not seen then since New Year's Eve. Brad was at his dad's and Shaun and Mary couldn't make it. Georges and Barbeara are doing their yearly purge, i.e., no drinking in January, so I didn't even try to contact them... (Let me know if your off the wagon, dudes, and we'll fit something in next week!!)

It's been basically a slow weekend with nothing much on the go. I went swimming both last night and tonight, which felt great! I'm definitely in the mood to drop some unwanted pounds and get in better shape. Tomorrow, I'll bike and then swim again on Tuesday. I have to get in shape for NYC in April!

We had our usual baked salmon, baked potato, and veggies for supper tonight. But I also made my Thai tofu and zucchini curry this afternoon as well as a large batch of rice. Yesterday Brad made homemade beans and a bean salad. So we should hopefully have little cooking to do this coming week both for lunches and suppers.

We continue to be horrified by the situation in Haiti. If you haven't already made a donation, please do so. I made an initial donation to Doctors Without Borders on Friday and will probably end up giving more. We have so much here and take so much for granted, the situation in Haiti is humbling. There but for the grace of god go we all....

Have a good week amigos!

Here's some eye candy and incentive!


Mark in DE said...

We have learned the wisdom of cooking several days worth of food at once so we can just warm up later in the week.

Jim said...

Thanks for your kind words you left on my blog. Glad you like the photos. Of course, now we can't wait to see the pictures you'll be taken in NYC and later in France. ;)

Now I have to go and convince George to make a nice salmon dinner. See what you did again? Have a great weekend.