Sunday, June 27, 2010

Doo, doo, doo, lookin' out my backdoor...

Hey all... Been a long time. Been a lot of same old same old, but been a lot happening as well. One big thing is that one of my friends and colleague at work is retiring in September after 34 years of dedicated service. Of course, I wish him all the best and am incredibly jealous of him, but exactly what impact it will have on the rest of us left behind remains uncertain... Après moi, la déluge and all that... Heady and eventful days at work, I must say...

In other news, our good friend Mary passed her Grade 10 music exam, for which he has been preparing for many months now. Congrats Mary on a job well done! Shaun must be especially pleased that you passed! I know I was when Brad did! ;)

And, this very day, my sister arrives in The Kingdom to begin a new phase of her life with her husband, who is now working in Saudi Arabia. It will be a huge culture shock for her, but hopefully she'll manage and adjust. She'll now not be able to drink any alcohol at all and will have to dress in an abbaya whenever she goes out in public. The abbaya is a long black hooded covering that all women in Saudi must wear in public. At least they don't have to cover their faces. And she'll have to be accompanied by her husband whenever she goes out as well... I donno... Brad gives her 2 weeks, but I think she might last a couple of months!

Other than that, we've been watching a lot of the World Cup from South Africa. There have been a lot of great games and most of the teams I am cheering for have gone through, except alas for my beloved Italia!

Kaiser continues to be about the same. Still throwing up, but perhaps not as much as before, but he's still kind of weak and tottery. We've been cooking him everything from liver to chicken in an effort to stimulate his appetite.

Here's some pics from the other evening when I was out on the deck with Kaiser

"Hey, what do you expect? Lassie? I'm 13 and a half and not feeling great..."

Geranium, basil, and rosemary

My raspberry patch - look at all those berries!

Notre petit chez-nous



waterboy said...

Wow...a mention on "and lo, a ripple"..that's waaay better than passing Grade 10...and SO MUCH MORE PEACEFUL :) ...CHEERS, SHAUN

Jeff said...

OMG! Waterboy is back!! Good to see you buddy! Hope we'll see you and the Pianist for drinks tomorrow! And HAPPY CANADA DAY!!

Anonymous said...

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