Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Plus ça change...

The more things stay the same... Hey all... Just doing a little check in... Just so as you know that we're still alive and kicking...

Not a whole lot new with us, though I HAVE been teleworking for the last 4 days! Yay! Everything went very smoothly this time around, though the IT dudes from work did have to come and take my computer back to the office to "reset" it, since I couldn't remember my password from the last time I used it here at home. But that was the only glitch. I was up and running within an hour or so. Hopefully, come September, it will be an official 6-month trial period, and if all goes well with that, then it will, in shalla, turn into a full-time gig! Brad, I must say, is thrilled! (He's actually having to make a little adjustment, since he has been used to having the whole house to himself from 7:00 to 5:30 on work days, but I'm sure we'll manage.)

Other than that, I've so far managed to get 9 quarts of raspberries off my backyard patch! That officially makes me self-sufficient in the raspberry department! They are all safely frozen and awaiting their incorporation into a pie, one of which I will probably make tomorrow as one of my nephews and his girlfriend will be staying with us for 3 days for a wedding here in the city. My nephew is best man.

We've also had several nice get-togethers with Mary's sister and her friend who are visiting the Maritimes from Ontario. Brad took last Friday off and took them to Fundy National Park, which lies on the Bay of Fundy, wherein are found the highest tides in the world, in case you were wondering... They are great folks and we've shared a lot of laughs.

My sister, who is now in Saudi Arabia, is adjusting very well to life in the Kingdom and has actually gotten herself a job at an Institute there teaching English to Saudi girls. It's still very early days, but I think she will like it a lot. Certainly beats sitting around doing nothing all day. And they already know that they will be coming home for Christmas, which makes my mother happy no end. I think she's been worried about my sister being so far away from home and family.

Kaiser continues to plod along. He's not throwing up quite as much, thank goodness, but it's always quandry as to what he will and will not eat next. Ah, the privileges that come with old age!

Have you already heard of Robyn? If not, you soon will. She a very talented pop star from Sweden and she's very good friends with Francis Strand! Check her out!


Jim said...

Nice to hear that things are going well in your neck of the woods. How cool is it to be able to work from home? I'm happy for you...and yes, slightly jealous. This is me being all pouty, lol.

I also love your idea of meeting up in NYC one of these days. Would be fun. That may have to wait for a while though. But one never knows!?

Have a wonderful weekend. :)

Jeff said...

I hear you Jim re NYC! We are already booked with a bunch of our friends from town for next spring!

And working from home is FANTASTIC! I hope my dream comes true in September!