Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bordeaux and Wine Country

After 4 nights in the City of Lights, we got very early in the morning and caught a TGV (train de grande vitesse) to the beautiful city of Bordeaux. It was about a 4 hour trip. The original apartment we had rented in Bordeaux was unavailable owing to pluming problems, but the owner recommended another to us and it worked out fine. It was in the middle of Old Bordeaux and was beautifully decorated, quiet, and spacious. We were well pleased:

Our second day Bordeaux, we hired a guide, Frédéric, who drove us around to various wine estates where we enjoyed several excellent tastings. Lunch was good too!

Moi et Frédéric

The lovely Kathleen, Brad's sister

One of the beautiful estates we visited

A vineyard - harvest would take place about a week later.

You know what's in there! These rooms smells sooo good! the oak from the barrels combined with the yeast and the wine... Intoxicating just the smell!

Dude let us sample a very young Bordeaux - it was excellent!

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Ice John's World said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures! Look at all those declicious food!