Sunday, November 07, 2010

More France

Grape vines on a building


Ile-sur-la-Sorgue - Great little town where we went to the market

Garlic graters - we brought some back for our friends

Free-run French eggs

Gordes in Provence

Murs (the "s" is pronounced) a little town across the way from where we stayed

Gorgeous Gordes

Oh, and Brad and I celebrated 20 years together this week! Here's to at least 20 more sweetie!


Maurice said...

Twenty years! Seems like only 2 or 3 years ago that you guys went to London to celebrate your 10th.

Ice John's World said...

Happy 20th anniversary to you guys!

Jeff said...

Thanks guys!
And I was thinking the very same thing, Maurice! Que ├ža passe vite!

Jim said...

Great photos. You guys really had an amazing trip to France. Sorry, I dropped in a little late, but Happy Anniversary to you and Brad. :) Here's to another 20 years...and more. Yay!

Joy said...

Gorgeous place to celebrate your anniversary! Congratulations and many more happy years together!