Saturday, June 25, 2011

Congratulations New York!

Yesterday, New York joined the ranks of other progressive jurisdictions and legalized same-sex marriage! Congratulations!!

In other news, it is yet another cold (10 C) rainy Saturday here in Eastern Canada. This is really turning into the summer that wasn't. A couple of nice days here and there, followed by cool, rainy or overcast days. I'm actually going to turn the heat on in a few minutes! Enough already!

Brad gets back on Tuesday (YAY!), and it looks like he'll be bringing the warm weather with him - at least for a day - it's supposed to be 29 C and SUNNY on Tuesday! (YAY again!). It will be great to see him and to reconnect (oh yeah!) for a brief 4 days. He heads back to the Trail on July 2nd. After that, I'll meet him in Ontario on August 5 for his neice's wedding, following which we're taking a week of vacation together visiting other friends in Ontario before heading home and BOTH of us going back to work.

On the menu for next week? (Well the stuff I can tell you about anyway!): Lemon squares, raspberry pie, strawberry rhubarb pie, pasta putanesca, garlic-free pesto (!), and all kinds of other yummy things...

Nice - it's thundering now and the rain is coming down in sheets... I'm signing off, turning up the heat, and having a nap! After which, I really have to clean the house!

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Mark in DE said...

Great news about NY!

Your weather is the exact opposite of ours. We need some rain badly.