Saturday, March 01, 2014

Back from South Beach!

Hey all!

Paul and Ron and I made it back from South Beach in one piece! We had a heck of a good time, despite some minor problems. Our flight to Toronto on the way was delayed as the plane coming from TO to pick us up took off late owing to deicing. (Oh the joys of travelling in wintertime in Canada!) But, we had lots of time to make our connection and, after that minor hick-up, everything went smoothly. As we were making our way to queque for a cab at MIA, a very well-heeled woman with a load of expensive suitcases paused to tell Ron that he had eyes like a Raphäel painting! Welcome to Miami, folks! We made our way to our hotel on Collins Avenue in South Beach, had a glass of wine on the patio and then went for a late dinner at FL Café, which was basically across the street. Good food and wonderful service by our handsome French waiter. After a long day of travel, we retired quite soon after dinner. The next morning we had breakfast at the 11th Street diner, which was a couple of block away and then made our way to the beach. Here are a few pics to get started. the last few pics are from a lunch I had at Tongue and Cheek restaurant in SoBe that was connected to the Wine and Food Festival. Robert Irvine was there and signed huis latest book for me! Check out those guns, eh! It was a great meal and I'll certainly go back to Tongue and Cheek next time I'm in town!


Mark in DE said...

Glad to hear that you had fun!

Paul said...

It was a blast and I would do it again tomorrow