Monday, July 20, 2009

Playing catch-up!

Hey all, been a while... I've been busy doing the regular stuff, I guess. Not much new or exciting to report. Brad's been doing a lot of gardening and I've been cooking and picking raspberries! Yes, it's that time of year again here in eastern Canada! So far, I've gotten about 2 and a half quarts off my patch in the backyard, most of which I have frozen. Last year, I got 6 quarts from the backyard, but I doubt that I will match that this year. I lost quite a few canes when we had our fence replaced last fall. I have many new shoots this summer that should be productive next year - crossing fingers. I will also have to be more vigilant about cutting back the old canes this fall, and doing a bit of tilling and fertilizing work as well.

Brad and 2 of his nephews are heading off to Maine this coming weekend to climb Mount Kathadin in Baxter State Park. Brad's done it quite a few times now - it's almost a yearly event for him. I'll be staying home with the dogs and heading out to a small get together at one of my nephew's place. I've been tasked with dessert duty. I'll probably make a raspberry pie, though I may take either a Boston Cream Pie or a Carrot Cake - a birthday is also being celebrated, so a cake of some sort might be more appropriate.

Still another 3 and a half weeks to work before we go to the cottage for 2 weeks... Sigh.. It's a long time to wait, but I think it will be worth it. Hopefully August will be sunny and HOT!

Here are a few pics from the week that was:

The first 2 pics below are from a garden tour that Brad did on the weekend in St. Andrews

Thai red potato curry with local new potatoes and fresh basil - it's more than a little hot!

Sunday supper on the deck - roasted salmon, new potatoes, cucumbers, & tomato with chopped basil and feta cheese. I also made a garlic-free pesto so Brad could enjoy some, too.

My first little bowl of raspberries from the backyard!


Mark in DE said...

Your food photos and descriptions always make me hungry and make my mouth water. If I lived near you I'd weigh 400 lbs, I'm sure.

Jim said...

What Mark in DE said. Just reading your posts and looking at the food photos makes me fat, LOL. Did anybody say Boston Cream Pie? Yum!