Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weekend Wrap-up

Yet another busy weekend on the east coast of Canada! Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were brillant sunny days - finally - after clsoe to a month of dismal grey weather. So we naturaly spent as much time as possible outside. Friday after work, Brad and I met Shaun and Mary for drinks at our fave outside watering hole. And we were able to twist their arms and convince them to join us for an impromptu dinner on our back deck - as opposed to them going home and painting - Shaun, you owe us one, buddy! :)

Saturday, Brad and I both went to the farmers' market and then I came home and mowed the lawns (back and front), after which our neighbours invited us over for a cold brew in their deck. By way of thanks, I took over a small dish of freshly cut up strawberries with a little sugar and dabs of my 12 year-old balsamic vinegar, which I bought last year in Tuscany. Yummy stuff!

Today, it was cloudy and rainy until just a half hour ago, when the sun made an appearance through the clouds. I did some banking for mom this morning as well and had her passbook updated. Having grown up during the Great Depression, she is always concerned about how much money she has in the bank... I then made my GI (glycemic index) muffins to have as snacks throughout the week, and will shortly do downstairs to make pasta puttanesca for dinner - that and mussles! Mmm, mmm!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and that you have a splendid week ahead!

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Mark in DE said...

Shouldn't it be spelled "muscles"??? ;-)