Saturday, August 01, 2009

Skinny Saturday 59!

Hey all! Finally getting around to doing a post on a Saturday! It's been a while! Had a drink all by myself after work last night :( Brad was off to his dad's for supper, Shaun and Mary are in Ontario, Don and Mar couldn't make it, and we'd seen George and Barb just a few nights ago, so I stopped by our regular spot and had a couple of glasses of wine before catching the bus home...

Speaking of the bus, I've met an interesting dude on board lately. He has started taking the same bus I do in the mornings. He's cute in an off-beat kind of way and I'd place him still in his mid-twenties perhaps. He sits at the back of the bus, as do I most of the time. Usually when I get on in the morning, all of the windows are closed, and the air is very close, so I almost always open at least one window to get some fresh air. Two days ago, it was raining a little, but I still opened the window next to me a crack. Dude kind of chuckled and said he was wondering if I would open the window. I laughed and said that I found it stuffy, even with the cool temps and rain. The next morning, yesterday, it was a different kind of bus where the windows are at the top and they open inwards. Dude was in his usual spot when I sat down across from him, and I purposefully didn't open a window - just to see if he'd say anything. Sure enough, after a minute or so, he pointed up to the window and smiled and said, "The windows are up here on this bus." I laughed and said, "I was just checking to see if you were on the ball!" Adding, "I guess I am kind of predictable!" He laughed again and said, "No dude, that's great. You've got your act down pat. Me, I'm usually running to make it to the bus stop on time." Then yesterday evening, he was sitting at the back of the bus I caught home after drinks. He was sitting chatting with another couple who I often see on the bus too. "Good job!" I turned around and said. "I see you've got all the windows open already!" He laughed and said, "Well, I knew you'd be coming, so I had it all ready for you!" Like I said, he's cute and our joking was fun. A pleasant little departure from the norm.

After Brad got back, we watched another episode of the first season of True Blood. That Jason... Mmm, mmm, mmm!

I got up fairly early this morning and went to the farmers' market. I bought basil, new potatoes, fresh local tomatoes, cucumber, and a few pieces of very yummy homemade baklava. I also picked up some of Marlene's favourite cheese curds and a slab of Stilton to take out to Don and Mar's this afternoon. They're having us over for a meal tonight. Then I dropped by the bakery and picked up some bread and the Saturday Globe and Mail.

Brad will soon be off to get our groceries and I am going to catch some rays on our deck. It's a beautiful sunny day here and tomorrow is supposed to be very nice, too! Cloudy with a 60% chance of showers for Monday (our civic holiday). I'll drop down to see mom on Monday to take advantage of the day.

Have a great weekend everyone. And here are the fellas!


Jim said...

It seems that someone really likes that Jason Stackhouse fella, LOL. Yeah, he's not bad. George really likes the mean vampire Eric. I guess he's got a thing for the broody types. Eric plays a bigger part now in the second season. Sorry, but Jason's part was toned down a bit. But there's still plenty of skin to look at, LOL. We can't wait for the new episode next Sunday.

Mark in DE said...

Love the dude on the bus story!