Sunday, August 09, 2009

This and that...

Hope everyone had a good weekend... Ours flew by too fast... We got some stuff done around the house, mowed the lawn, got my 21 km in on the bike yesterday... Was sunny and warm for the most part, with rain starting tonight and continuing for the next couple of days...

Don't know why, but I was thinking of this song this afternoon (perhaps because a friend gave me Marianne Faithfull's new CD - Man, she been aound for a while now...) In any case, I still like her and this song (regardless of the cheesy video!)

She reminds me of my (somewhat misspent) youth! She was in her hayday in the early eighties, while I was at university. Late nights, good friends, lotsa booze, maryjane, and Marianne!

Here's another that more of you might be familiar with:

Back to the here and now... just one more week till we are on vacation and at the cottage for 2 weeks... I can't wait! I'm literally gagging ot be off work and out of town for a few weeks. Will be all the better as we will have the dogs with us and we'll be having some good friends over to visit while we are there.

Here's to a quick week!


Paul said...

Hi Jeff,

I know this isn't the right post but I thought it more likely that you would see this as it is more recent. I would love to know the contact details for the apartment you rented in Rome. I live in Toronto and will be going to Rome at the end of the year. The apartment you stayed in looks great! Thanks in advance and nice blog,


Jeff said...

Hi Paul! Thanks for dropping by! The apartment we rented in Rome was in the Prato neighbourood. I believe we rented it through It was called "Mint". I've looked for a it couple of times since returning from Italy last year, but I no longer see it on their list, which leads me to believe that it has probably been purchased and is no longer being rented out. :( It was an incredible location and a beautiful apartment. I would highly recommend looking for something else in the Prato neighbourhood. It is a GREAT location.

Cheers, and thanks again for stopping by!