Sunday, February 21, 2010

Stop Callin'

Hey guys,

Been another busy week. We went to our good friends Shaun and Mary last night for a potluck with Don and Mar and our new back door neighbour, as it turns out. It was a great time. Don and Mar took homemade maple ice cream, and an anti-pasto dish with peppers and onions (very yummy both), and I took the date/pecan pie, which went went perfectly with Don's ice cream. Coleen (the new back door neighbour (who knew Shaun and Mary beforehand) took some yummy Brie and blue cheese. A good time was had by all. Shaun and Mary made a great Ceasar salad and a vegetarian lasagne. We all had a great time and we watched some of the Vancouver Oylmpics on TV afterwards.

Speaking of TVs, Brad and I had somewhat of a mid-life crisis last week and we went out an bought a new 42" flat-sceen high def TV with Blue Ray and sound system, a new king size bed (yes we are going to try sleeping together again after all these years!) 2 night stands, a dresser, and the stand for the TV and god knows what else! And that is on top of the new garden door we are we are having put in and the new air-tight fireplace insert that was installed last week! Enh... It's only money and you can't take it with you! It will be extremely nice for me not to have to vacate my (old) bedroom when someone comes to visit, which my sister from Alberta will be doing in a couple of weeks (en route to Saudi Arabia - finally, perhaps - (I'll believe it when I see it!)

In any event, baked salmon and potates for supper tonight (our usual Sunday fare).

And I'll leave you with Lady Gaga at the Brit Awards, which took place earlier this week. Say what you will, I like Gaga. At least she writes most of her own stuff, unlike Madonna, with whom she is being compared.


ChefNick said...

The jealousy factor is huge! I know we're not supposed to be vegetables and vegetise in front of the TV but my 42" plasma is the best goddamn $1400 I ever spent!

Just watching something in hi-def with surround sound is so cool it's pathetic. To the point where when I go to a theatre and am watching this huge, loud screen with stickiness underfoot, I say to myself "Hey, I could be watching this in bed with a beer and a bathroom just steps away!"

Blu-ray. what a concept. But I'm a-gonna get there!

Good for you! Time to re-bond with Brad, with Matt Damon as an escort!

Maurice said...

I got the big-ass 42" TV as well this past Christmas, although it sounds like yours is more high-end than mine. I never thought I'd get to this, after years of a tiny TV and no cable, but now I'm happy about that purchase. As for the other stuff, it all sounds reasonable to me and, you're right, you can't take the money with you, so enjoy!

Jim said...

Isn't blu-ray just absolutely FAB-ulous??? Enjoy your new toys :)

Jeff said...

LOL! Thanks Nick! Matt will do in a pinch, but if I had my druthers, I'd take Colin or Jake as our escort! ;)

Exactly Maurice!

And Jim, we are still waiting for the TV and other acoustic stuff to be delivered tomorrow, then our cable provider comes on Thursday to fibre-op us to the hilt! YAY! So it will still be a day or two till I can sing the praises of Blu-Ray. But I can't wait!!

Mark in DE said...

Wow, sounds like you guys had fun shopping. Good for you!!

Why have you been sleeping apart?

Jeff said...

Mark, in answer to your question, we both kind of like our space in bed, Brad's a night owl and I'm a morning person, I don't sleep well period, and a host of various reasons. But I think the king size bed will work for us and hopefully I soon won't have to get up so early in the morning when I am working from home.