Saturday, February 06, 2010

Whine, bitch, moan, complain.... Repeat.

Well, as the title of this post suggests, I have been in a somewhat negative mood of late. Mostly, I think, it's a bad case of the winter doldrums. Though we thankfully haven't had a lot of snow lately, it has been bitterly cold and windy for the last week or so. The low minus 20s C and minus mid-teens C for the most part. Ugh. I've had enough already. And we still have the rest of February and all of March to get in. I really, really, really want to go South somewhere, but as I said before, I think, it's not financially feasible this winter. Next winter, come what may, I am going someplace warm for at least a week in February.

I think it was Jim (over at gorgim - link in the sidebar) who once posted about his dislike of wearing a winter coat. Sorry Jim, but the coat is the least of my dislikes surrounding winter :) For me, it's the winter boots (big, heavy winter boots that one has to wear when one has two dogs that need walking in all kinds of weather), and the long johns that have to be worn almost daily. Not to mention the hats and the gloves. Then there are the slippery sidewalks (or the sandy sidewalks after the city sidewalk plows go over and spread sand, which makes it a lot of fun cleaning off the dogs' paws in the porch after their walks), the slippery streets - caked with snow and ice. The barren, leafless trees. The short days, which thankfully are getting a smidgon longer now. Ugh again!

On top of the cold outside, I've had a bad cold inside. After just nicely getting over the cold I had over the holidays, I picked up a new one that has been hanging around for at least 2 weeks now it seems. Mostly in my sinuses and nose, but I've been coughing a bit as well and just generally feeling miserable and sorry for myself. I think - I hope - I am on the tail end of it. I blame that gall darn H1N1 vaccine I got back in November! It's been years almost since I've had a bad cold, and now this year already I've had two. Oh woe is me! I know. I'll stop bitching now! :)

In other news, Brad and his dad left this morning for a 4-day skiing trip to northern Maine (Saddleback Mountain). They should have a good time and good snow conditions. I'm minding the fort and the dogs. I'm taking Monday off just to give myself a bit of a treat. I'm running down to mom's tomorrow to have a visit and get her stocked up. She's been doing quite well lately, though she too is complaining of the cold. She's on blood thinners, which makes her mind the cold even more, I think.

Our friends George and Barb are currently in Washington, D.C. Ha! They are getting a blizzard there this weekend. They are supposed to be flying back tomorrow, but it remains to be seen if they'll be able to get out as planned. Barb sent me an e-mail this morning saying that the whole city had basically shut down and that they were hunkered down at their hotel with a team of college basketball players. Hmmm... One could imagine worse fates!

So, gentle readers... Please think warm thoughts and send some positive energy my way! Hasta pronto!


Anonymous said...

Someone is in dire need of good karma and I so wanted to have you over tonight. Hope to see you soon.


PS You truly wear long johns? LOL

Maurice said...

I was saying roughly the same thing last night to former-roommate Patrick as we made our way back to his place in my car. October was well-below-average cold; November was a bit above average warm but the leaves were gone by then; with December came the snow and we're only in early February, so it does feel like we have as much time left of winter clothing as we've had already. Hence, I'm ready for spring and summer.

Knock on wood, I didn't get the vaccine NOR a cold (yet?) this winter, so I guess I have less to complain about than you do. :) Although, events such as having a heating pipe burst inside the bathroom ceiling last weekend (rendering the apartment a messy construction site all last week) and some mildly upsetting changes at work, coupled with the on-going winter, have had me feeling relatively blah as well.

Mark in DE said...

I can understand your winter doldrums. I'm kinda there, too. I also have a cold. Ick. Hang in there, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I love longjohns!!! but I agree that this weather is not where I want to be x

ChefNick said...

Jeff, you're always TOO GENTLE in your bitches and moans! Learn from Captain Haddock and throw in some "Billions of blue blistering barnacles, #$@!*&@%#!" once in a while!

"Gosh darn" just ain't gonna get the lead out!

Just my two #@*%s worth.

Get well soon!

Jeff said...

LOL! Thanks guys for all your comments! I, too, wish we could have had dinner, Paulie!

And Nick, Your're absolutely right!I need to swear more often! - LOL! Just ask Brad! ;)

Jim said...

You're right, Jeff. Wearing a winter coat is the least of dislikes surrounding winter. It's winter in general.

I just now got around to read your last entry. Sorry to hear about your cold...and the cold. We've been lucky so far this winter season to not catch anything. My biggest fear was getting sick while we were in Munich. I'm usually sick during my rare vacation trips. I'm such a good employee, lol. Hope you feel much better in the meantime. Sending you some sunshine up north. :)

Jeff said...

We got your sunshine, Jim. Thanks! Today is beautiful - just above freezing, but very bright and sunny! :)

Jim said...

Glad to hear that. Sorry it took so long, lol.

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!

Anonymous said...

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