Tuesday, July 24, 2012


As in that's what it's doing right now! Big thunder storm going on here. We've had a lot of those lately. And this year, Jasper has become very nervous about them. He basically sticks by Brad's side with his tail between his legs. I guess age affects us all!

Been a very busy 2 weeks since I last posted. First, my sister from KSA was here for a week. We had a great visit. For the most part. I say that jokingly. But the day after my goal-reaching weigh-in at WW, she returned from a hair colouring appointmemnt with a large brown paper bag filled with Chinese food from the restaurant down the street! Needless to say, I couldn't resist and downed 2 deep-fried chicken balls and a plate of chicken fried rice - all before we went out to dinner at a restaurant with the whole gang a mere 2 hours later! That, and a day at my brother's cottage at the lake (full of chips, dips, BBQ, and more!), and the fact that I biked only 3 times during that period meant that I was up 1.9 lb. at last week's weigh-in! Ugh! I HATE when that happens, but what are you going to do? Life happens...

The day after sis left, an Irish guy whom Brad had met on the Trail this summer ended up at our place for a week! Brad had offered to help him get to PEI where he apparently had a farm job lined up (never panned out), but he still had to get out of the USA for a while before his visa expired. As it turned out, he was a very nice guy - attractive and charming as only the Irish can be, and he turned 32 on the day he arrived, though we never knew that until just before he left. It was sort of a mini repeat of Jedi's stint here last year after he finished the A.T. He did all the dishes, mowed our front and back lawn (with the reel mower!), and he made a very tasty hummus and gaspacho soup, which we took to a potluck organized by our good friends Don and Marelene at their place on Saturday. He is a great guy and he was certainly well-fed while he was here: raspberry pie, fresh, home-made pesto, home-made carrot cake (which I took to the potluck), fresh vegetable stew, etc. Oh, and I introduced him to roasted garlic! So simple, and he loved it! I think it will become a staple for him from now on! I love to cook for someone who appreciates it. Not that Brad or others don't, but when you make something for someone who is tasting it for the very first time, it's kind of special. We had a terrific day in the country with Don and Mar and George and Barb and Shaun - unfortunately, Mary couldn't make it as one of their dogs is not doing well, and Mary had to stay home with her - We missed you Mary!

It was a great day in the country and everyone appreciated Don and Mar's estate with their garden, vineyard, ducks, chickens, bees - you name it! Thanks again guys for hosting us!

Brad drove our Irish guest back to Maine on Sunday. We'll miss him and my sis both!

Brad's sis and brother-in-law from Ontario arrive here this coming Saturday. They are coming directly to our place for dinner, but are staying with Brad's dad across the river. They are then going on a trip to Newfoundland with Brad's dad and Brad and I will be going to my nephew's wedding in Nova Scotia next week! Man, time flies!

So far this week, I've already clocked over 94 km on the bike. And I will bike again tomorrow before I get weighed in. Let's hope that we go in the right direction this week! Will keep you posted!

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