Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Weighing in yet again!

Hi guys,

Time for another weigh-in, so to speak... A lot has happened since my last post back in the middle of June! For one thing, Brad got back from his hike safe and sound almost 2 weeks ago! He had a good, albeit a much more solitary time this year. He had a mixed bag of weather (as we did here as well), and he developed a problem with one of his ankles (probably tendonitis). He will still have to do about 3 weeks next year to complete all of the A.T. from start to finish.

Not a whole lot new with me. After gaining 1.2 lb. last week (ugh), tonight I was down 3.8 lb., which means that I am now just 1.3 lb. away from my goal weight of 157 and that I have lost 29.3 lb. in total! Pretty happy about that! I worked extra hard this week and biked 112 km! That was in part because of a Canada Day celebration at a neighbour's (where I consumed 2 chicken sausages and buns and lots of smoked salmon!) and a visit with George and Barb, who are back from a great trip to Poland.

My sister who lives in Saudi Arabia returned to Nova Scotia on Monday. She's coming here probably tomorrow for a week or so. She and her husband are renting a beautiful cottage in N.S. for 3 weeks this summer, timed to coincide with the marriage of their youngest son and his girlfriend around the first of August. Brad and I will be going to that and it should be a great time. My sister is very pleased that one of her three sons is finally getting hitched!

Our regular computer is in the shop for some repairs and I'm using this old clunker of a hard drive to make this post. Everything takes forever and a day with this thing. Next post I promise some pics from Brad's 2012 A.T. adventure!


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