Saturday, June 14, 2008

Skinny Saturday 14

Phew! Been a very busy day here. We both got up very early (6:30) to go to our farmers' market - me for fresh, local, organic basil and Brad for tomato plants. I lucked out, Brad didn't. It was the first basil of the season (YAY!!), but the tomato plants were too small for Brad's liking (he wants some potted ones that are already quite big for our deck). After that, I went to the grocery store for mom's stuff and then came home and biked my 21 km in the basement. Then Brad went for our groceries and I showered and had lunch and then drove the half hour down to mom's. She liked the cashmere scarf I bought for her in Florence. We had a good visit and I drove home again and picked up more stuff that I had forgotten to put on our grocery list. Our good friend and former neighbour, Jessica, came over for a Corona on the deck (it was sunny and warm here), for a bit this afternoon and then I made PESTO for supper. OMG. I could live on pesto alone! It is absolutely my favourite savory food. I'll post my recipe tomorrow.

Since I didn't lose all the weight I had wanted to before our trip to Italy, I am thankful that I put on only 1 pound while were were there, which is amazing considering what we ate and drank! I swam everyday in the pool and we did a lot of walking, so I guess that balanced things out.

En tout cas, without further ado... the boyz of Skinny Saturday 14:

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Mark in DE said...

We went to our local farmers market on Sat morning too. We only bought bagels, but had lots of great little conversations with the townsfolk.

Loved the photos!

Mark :-)