Saturday, September 20, 2008

Skinny Saturday 26

Hey, what up? Yet another Saturday. It's a beautiful, bright, sunny fall day here. As planned, Brad and his dad and sister went off to the coast on a day trip. They got away around 9:00. I stayed in bed this morning and didn't go to the market as usual. I stayed up too late last night surfing YouTube. But I did my 21 km on the bike this morning and I was going to mow the back lawn, but when I went to do it the lawnmower (the reel one) was broken. I have to admit I didn't try very long to fix it. I think I may borrow our neighbour's real mower tomorrow and and do it then.

Time to get cooking! I'm making a sweet potato and peanut stew for supper. Here's da boyz:


Getting hit on said...

i'd like some of that

Anonymous said...

Looks like good attendant recruits, do you happen to have their numbers?


Mark in DE said...

Good lord! All of them are so scrumptious-looking!

Mark :-)