Thursday, October 23, 2008

Into the Wild

So my boyfriend George called me up tonight [No, not George Stroumboulopoulos...and I use "boyfriend" in the sense that George is a boy and he is my very good friend] cuz he had given me the shaft when I called him at work earlier today... Just kidding, Georges. He didn't actually give me the shaft, it was just that he was waiting on another, rather important, call - or at least that's what he told me.

In any case, over the course of our conversation tonight, Georges mentioned that he and his lovely wife Barb had recently watched the film Into the Wild. It sounded interesting so I will get Brad to add it to our Ziplist with Rogers Home Direct, which is the Canadian version of Netflix. I just hope Brad doesn't get any ideas about taking off on a hitchhiking journey to Alaska!

In other news, I called the MetOpera in NYC today. I had ordered tickets to La Sonambula in March way back in August (the day the tickets went on sale). It took me close to 2 hours online, but I finally succeeded and had the recepit to prove it. The rub was that my credit card had never been charged for the tickets. So I called today and they had no record of my purchase. Piss me off! I was able to get 2 more tickets for the same night and in slightly better seats for the same price. Thing is, back in August the Canadian dollar and the US dollar were basically at par. Our dollar has since slipped dramatically and we now have to pay an extra 25 cents on the US dollar meaning that the two seats that should have cost $318 are now $400. Oh well, crap happens. Whaddaya gonna do?

This Saturday we are off to the ballet here in town. A production of King Lear. We have excellent seats and I'm very much looking forward to it. We're having dinner with our Paulie before the ballet and afterwards we're off to George and Barb's for a celebration of Georges birthday (which is actually the following day, October 26).

Here's the trailer for Into the Wild:

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