Saturday, October 11, 2008

Skinny Saturday 29

Ah, and sweet Saturday. It's a beautiful warm sunny day here and the leaves are falling fast in the brisk breeze. We're off to Brad's sister's for the big Thanksgiving meal today. Thanksgiving isn't nearly as big a deal here in Canada as it is in the States (where the holiday falls in November). Families generally do get together, but the meal could be held on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday (the actual holiday). Just whatever fits into everybody's plans best, I guess. And I think I prefer having it in October. That way, it isn't so close to Christmas and you have over 2 months in between the two holidays. Americans still get next Monday off, though. It's Columbus Day down there. So Happy Holiday to all!

And at least here in North America, the stock markets will be closed on Monday. So you guys in Europe and Asia, just relax, okay? What say we call this bottom and start climbing up again!

Here's da boyz:

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Mark in DE said...

Hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving! Oh, and not all Americans get that day off work.

Love the photos, as usual.

Mark :-)