Sunday, October 26, 2008

Skinny Saturday/Sunday 31

Hey all. Sorry I missed yesterday. It was an incredibly busy day from start to finish. I got up fairly early, walked Kaiser and then went to the farmers' market for the first time in a while. I bought organic eggs, Swiss chard, and lettuce, and I picked up some kindling as well. I then went to the bakery and bought a couple loaves of bread. After I got home, I had breakfast and biked my 21 km. Then I showered, had lunch, and went out and ran some errands. After that, we raked and bagged leaves on the front lawn for a couple of hours. I showered again and then we got dressed for dinner with Paul and the ballet afterwards. I hardly ever wear a tie and jacket, but last night was one of those occasions. We had a terrific meal - I started with Sicilian seafood chowder and had bacon-wrapped scallops as a main, followed by a Drambui on the rocks and sticky pudding with ice cream for dessert. Very yummy.

The ballet (King Lear) was good. Not great, standing-ovation, blow your socks off, but good. Bradley thought me somewhat pretentious when I said that there were some timing issues and that the troupe needs more depth (as evidenced by the fact that one of the lead ballerinas actually fell during the performance!) and when I pointed out that the last ballet we saw was Gisèle. By the Bolshoi ballet. At the Bolshoi theater. In Moscow... LOL... What can I say? Perhaps I am a little hoity-toity!

After the ballet, we headed up to Georges and Barb's where some friends had gathered to celebrate Georges birthday. Lots of wine and food and it was a fun (and at times surreal!) way to cap the night. Let's just say the evening involved scotch tape, a seance, and some hot same-sex dancing - by the straight boyz no less! And even a Madonna-style smooch between the gurls just before we left! Where the heck is David Lynch and my camera when you need them?!

Phew! Without further ado, here's the boyz:


Anonymous said...

The latter part of your evening sounded interesting. It was good to see you both again.


Anonymous said...

Scotch tape and straigt boyz...I guess they haven't heard of wax!

Mark in DE said...

Good stuff!

Mark :-)