Monday, April 14, 2008

Scenes from a Potluck

Just a few pics from our potluck on Saturday. Was a great evening with lots of GREAT food. I'll post my tapenade and potato & shrimp curry recipes in a day or two. Don and Marlene brought a very tasty bean salad (made with their own, home-grown black beans); George and Barb brought a chicken dish, which was green in colour, but still very tasty (just kidding - take it from a backsliding vegetarian, it was super good) and they also brought a Moroccan vegetable stew that was also excellent. Shaun and Mary brought two homemade baguettes and vegetarian "meatballs" & rice dish, all of which was outstanding. Thanks so much guys!

The boyz were most appreciative of the babe pics in Skinny Saturday, so perhaps it will become a once-a-month special twist for them.

Gentle readers will also be thrilled to learn that muscle-boy George has agreed to a command performance in an upcoming Skinny Saturday - a streaming video featuring him showering in the brand-new bathroom we're going to be doing on our top floor! Go Georges! Stay tuned!

Barb's back, Shaun's back, Brad in front of the door, Mary

Mary, Shaun, Barb & George

Marlene and Don

Don and Brad - Don't ask! (actually they're checking on how to reattach a windowbox)

Pie (the last one till Italy - sob!)

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