Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Some Underworld Spy

At the pool the other day there was this absolute hunk. And I do mean absolute. He could have starred in his own vodka ad. 24 yo maybe, 6', sculpted body, wearing speedos down to (and including) his pubic hair. His only problem was that he KNEW he was drop-dead gorgeous, which is fine in and of itself, but he also wanted everyone else to know that he was drop-dead gorgeous. He was a perfect peacock. He strutted around the pool several times before geting his big toe wet. He talked to the lifeguard, walked around some more, and finally deigned to get in the pool and swim a few laps (which he did very well, incidently). Then he got out again, walked around the pool again, adjusted his goggles, stretched, etc... I really had to smile. Hey if you've got it, I suppose you may as well flaunt it. The following is dedicated to him (God, you gotta love Carly):

1 comment:

Mark in DE said...

I guess he needs to get some satisfaction for all those hours at the gym.

Mark :-)