Sunday, November 30, 2008

Busy Sunday

Been a busy and productive day here for both spouse and me. Brad's been on a cleaning jag, vacuuming the house from top to bottom, doing several loads of laundry, including the dog's beds, cleaning up and scrubbing our back porch/mud room. We use the back door almost exclusively for our comings and goings as there is a bench to sit on while putting on our shoes or boots and there's room to towel down the dogs when they are wet, which has been quite a lot lately!

Me, I've been cooking and cleaning also. I made the carrot-ginger-peanut soup (the recipe for which I have posted before) and the Georgian (former SSR) bean salad, Lobio, for which I have also provided the recipe. These two will provide me with at least three lunches to take to work this coming week. My poor colleagues, though, when I take the Lobio, it's full of fresh garlic! (I always keep my office door closed and chew gum when I have to talk to someone in person.) I sweat it all out when I bike my 21 km. Brad doesn't dare go into the basement for a while on the days I have eaten Lobio or vegetarian chili for lunch! (An interesting fact about garlic that perhaps you didn't know: you shouild let it sit for about 15 minutes after you cut or mince it. The beneficial enzyme that gives garlic its very healthy punch takes that long to be produced, so if you use it before then, you are missing out on a lot of the stinking rose's benfits.)

Most of the morning/early afternoon, I've also been listening to BBC Radio 3's Breakfast show. This has become a tradition on Sundays for the last month or so. It's a great program that presents a wide variety of mostly classical music. I especially enjoy it when it's hosted by dishy Alister Appleton! I'll make links in the sidebar momentarily. In a similar vein, if you enjoy jazz, don't forget to check out the jazz program each night on Éspace Musique (that link is already there). If you want to listen to it live, simply click on "Écoutez en direct." The programs from the weekend are also saved and you can listen to them anytime. They are usually hosted by honey-voiced Dorothée Berryman.

Now, I've got to go down and do the dishes I've dirted. Then I'm off to the pool for a swim.

Here's a pick of some of this week's lunches:

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