Saturday, November 08, 2008

Skinny Saturday 33

Another drizzly November day here in eastern Canada. I skipped the market this morning and headed straight to the bakery where I picked up my usual 2 loaves of bread and a quiche Lorraine (Mmmm, their quiches are SO good!).

I then went with a friend to the pre-judging for the provincial bodybuilding and figure championships. Meh. Some good physiques to be sure, but it got kind of boring after a while. All the quarter turning and posing. And of course the under-40 men were saved until after the intermission, but after 2 and a half hours, I had had enough and didn't stick around for the second part.

Came home and lit a fire under Brad and then later on lit one in the fireplace. Brad is making a pizza for supper as I write this, sipping away on a Honey Dew. We are watching a film this eveing, Savage Grace, which I posted about a while ago. I think it will be a rather disturbing film to watch, but hopefully good as well.

I made reservations at a restaurant for the 2 of us for tomorrow evening.

Without further delay, here's da boyz:

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Mark in DE said...

Would love to have seen some photos from the bodybuilding competition, but these photos are likely just as good. You've got great taste in men!

Mark :-)