Saturday, November 15, 2008

Skinny Saturday 34

It's yet another dreary day here in eastern Canada. It's starting to rain. Again. I'm getting very tired of drying off the dogs after they've been out. At least it's very mild, about 13 C. We could in fact be getting snow here at this time of year. Someone was saying that December is supposed to be colder than normal this year with more snow than usual as well, but January and February are supposed to be milder with more precipation falling as rain... Time will tell, I guess. Personally, I'd rather have snow in the winter than rain. Rain just makes things messy.

I translated an interesting letter yesterday at work. Well, the contents weren't all that interesting, but it was from a couple of decades ago and written by a former Premier of the province. In the letter, the Premier also mentioned a certain Cabinet Minister of the day who would have, in fact, been my father. What a blast from the past! That Premier is long since dead, and my father, too, but the letter gave me cause to remember them both and to take a short journey down memory lane...

Ah well, on to the here and now. Here's da boyz of No. 34.

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Mark in DE said...

Fantastic men! Love the last one in the sheer undies.

Mark :-)