Tuesday, November 04, 2008


It's November 4 everyone! And you know what THAT means, particularly if you are a citizen of the United States of America! It's the end of an error!! Please vote and please make sure your friends and family vote! Every vote matters!

Man, even though I am Canadian, I feel almost giddy knowing that the days of the smirking chimp are finally drawing to a close. Eight long years...

Back on this date in 2000, Brad and I were in London on a trip to celebrate our 10th anniversary. Nothing had been decided by the time we went to bed in England, and indeed people were still voting in the West. But we totally expected to wake up the next morning and cheer Al Gore's victory. Well, we all know how THAT turned out. Today, I'm confident that Obama and Biden will win handily. They darn well better!

And yeah! Nov. 9 will mark 18 years that Brad and I have been together. And that makes me a little giddy, too! Eighteen long years... (Haha... just kidding, sweetie!)

How about a hot Swede in tights - just because! I'm sure he'd vote for Obama, too, if he could!


Mark in DE said...

There is so much to love about this post! First, I love that you are so interested/excited about our election today. Second, I love that two have been together 18 years! That's a real accomplishment. And third, I love the Swede in tights. Dayum, he is HOT!!!

Mark :-)

Jeff said...

Thanks, bello! :) After 8 years of illiterate and incompetent Bush, I think most of the civilized world and a large chunk of the uncivilized world are counting the days until he's gone, gone, gone!