Saturday, November 01, 2008

Skinny Saturday 32

Happy Saturday all, and Happy All Saints Day! November 1 already! Yikes. Just 17 more days till my birthday. Uh-oh! I'll be 47 this year. Just 3 more years till the big 5-0! How is that possible?

Brad and I both have been very busy today. I got up fairly early and walked the K dog before heading off to the farmers' market (parmesan and stilton cheese, squash, potatoes, and a turnip) and the bakery (my usual cob of sourdough and a cob of rye). Then I went to the grocery store and picked up the stuff mom wants, which I will take to her tomorrow. She's been in another hypochondriac phase this week. Ugh.

After that, I biked my 21 km, showered, and had lunch. Then I did a pile of dishes, cleaned out our back porch, raked up 6 more big bags of leaves just from our driveway, and cleaned the 2nd floor bathroom. Oh, and I also borrowed our neighbour's step ladder and cleaned the outside of a window that has been dirty and driving me crazy for a while now. I'm really glad I got that done. I am now on my 3rd load of laundry, and while that washes, I'm here talking to you, sipping my first Honey Dew brew from Britain. Soon, I will go down and make arrabbiata pasta sauce to have for supper. I bought some excellent local heads of garlic the other day. They're as big as a baby's fist. In my attempt to drop a few pounds, I haven`t made a carrot cake this year (I always wait for our local organic carrots to come on the market), but there's no way I can let all this fantastic garlic go unused! I put a half cup of chopped garlic in the sauce.

Brad's off to his dad's for super and a movie. I've already lit a fire in the fireplace and am looking forward to curling up in the recliner with a glass of wine and a good book, and listening to BBC Radio 3 from London. How did people survive without Internet radio anyway??

Till soon, peeps. Here's the boyz:

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Mark in DE said...

Busy day indeed! I always salivate when reading about your trips to the farmers market. If we ever met we would definitely have fun eating together!

Lovely boys, too.

Mark :-)