Wednesday, May 06, 2009


(or the flu formerly known as Swine)

Though it's faded a bit from the headlines the past few days, the H1N1 flu is still an undercurrent in the world and local psyche. There have been 2 confirmed cases in our small city, both relatively mild. But we had a meeting at work about it the other day, as apparently the upper levels want to have a plan in place in case the flu hits with a vengence with over 30% of the population being affected. Apparently the government has ordered over 11,000 face masks, though the masks are not very effective, since this particular flu is not airborn. The crux of our plan is to have as many people as possible work from home. I'm definitely down for that! It's something that could be easily done in my case. And it's something that I hope to do on a permanent basis within the next year or so anyway. Our department has come around remarkably to the idea of teleworking recently.

What gets me is that there are still a number of people in my office who do not have a computer at home. Can you imagine!? Though we've only recently purchased a cell phone and I have never - ever - sent a text message, I'd be totally lost without our home computer! We've had one at home since 1994, I think. I guess it's a generational thing. The people who don't have a home computer are generally 6 or 7 years older than me. They started working on manual typewriters!

In any case, flu or no flu, I will be happy to work at home.

In other news, I am getting things organized for mom's move, which we have scheduled for next Friday. I've changed her address with the post office so her mail will be forwarded to the new place. Brad has reserevd a van. Tomorrow, I'll call the administrator of her current place to arrange for the transfer or her oxygen and other medications and get the extra-mural nursing care set up the new place. That and a hundred other things before the 15th, but hopefully it will all come together - and it won't rain too much between now and then!

How about a quick pic? This is one of the hunks from The Tudors series. Anyone know when that will start up again here in Canada? They may not have had computers back in Henry's day, but I'm sure they found other things to occupy their time!


Tristan said...

Mmmmm, looks a bit like me!

We're worried down here as we are just entering winter and flu season. There are a few confirmed cases of H1N1 in SA.

Jeff said...

He does indeed, Tristan!

Hopefully H1N1 will not make a surge in the Southern Hemisphere. Stay home and wash your hand lots! :)

Mark in DE said...

Unless you're over 70, its rather unthinkable that people don't have a computer at home. Its practically the equivelent to not having a TV. Congrats on your upcoming teleworking!! Good luck with your mom's move, too.