Saturday, May 09, 2009

Skinny Saturday 53

Twas a bright sunny and warm morning here on the east coast of Canada, but it's starting to cloud over and rain is forecast for tonight and tomorrow. A friend and former neighbour came over for a visit and to pick up a recipe of mine yesterday evening. We had wine and cheese on the back deck and then moved inside to the sunporch as it cooled down quite quickly after sunset. Was good to chat and get caught up. Her mother lives at mom's new place, so we'll be able to car pool when we visit on weekends. Less than a week now till mom moves! I will be going down to visit her tomorrow and will stop by the new place as well to make the final decision on which room she will have (2 rooms are available right now). After I pick the room, I will be able to get her phone transferred on the day of the move (next Friday).

I biked my 21 km, shaved, showered, and had lunch. Now I'm waiting for Brad to get back form a meeting so he and I both can head to the grocery store - him for our stuff, and me for mom's.

The leaves are just starting to come out here. Some tulips are in bloom, but next week will probably see more. Hopefully summer is just aound the corner!

Enjoy the weekend and the boyz!


Tristan said...

I only like number 3. :-)
Hope the move goes well on Friday.

Mark in DE said...

Sounds like a nice visit with your neighbor. LOVE the boyz, especially #1.