Saturday, May 23, 2009

Skinny Saturday 54!

Hey dudes, hope you are having a good weekend! Ours got off to a good start after work yesterday with beer and wine and pizza chez Shaun and Mary's. They had a big deck built off the second floor of their home last year, so we sat out there and ate and drank and chatted still it got too cool and the bugs drove us inside. All the usual suspects were there (Don and Mar and Barb and George). A friend of Shaun and Mary's daughter in Argentina sent her a bottle of Frenet (an Argentinian alcoholic beverage that you mix ColaCola) and she was kind enough to give us a taste of that as well. Very unusual, almost medicinal, but I rather liked it. We also got to meet Shaun and Mary's grandchild last night as well. What a cutie! As usual, Brad and I were the last ones to leave. Thanks for the great evening, guys!

I'm having kind of a slow day today, but I did crank out my 21 km on the stationary bike. Brad and I also went for a bike ride outside last week. It was fun. I hope to do a lot of biking outside this summer on the many trails that snake though the city we live in. Tomorrow I'll go down and see mom for a bit. I have to take the mattress topper for her bed. That is her one complaint about her new abode - that the bed is too hard. The topper should remedy that. She told me the other day on the phone that she would never go back to the place she where was living before. I chuckled and said that now I would have something to hold over her head and that if she ever got out of line, I'd move her back there! "Well I won't go!" she laughed!

Been a while, so here are the boyz with a vew extra thrown in!


Mark in DE said...

The deck party sounds great! We went to similar ones on Sat & Sun evenings.

Joy said...

This place sounds so much better for your mother. She seems to have improved and does like it more. It's a good thing you were able to move her in there.

That does sound like a fun party!