Sunday, May 03, 2009

Happy Birthday, Baby!

Forty-two years ago today a little boy was born. I was just 5 and had no inkling as to just what a momentous day it was. Indeed, it took 23 years for our paths to cross, but I am so glad they did. Happy Birthday, Bradley. I love you so.

Embedding for this video has been disabled, but I can still provide a link to Boyzone's Better. I posted the video quite a while ago (prior to the embedding feature being disabled), but it seemed appropriate to post it again today.


Joy said...

What a sweet post! That was a wonderful way to express your birthday wishes and your love. I'm really happy for you both!!

Happy Birthday, Brad!

Mark in DE said...

These photos are precious! Thanks for sharing. I've already wished Brad a happy b-day so I won't repeat myself here.

Jim said...

We're wishing Brad a Happy, if belated Birthday. All the best from George and I down here in the desert.

If you ever make to Las Vegas we have to take you to our favorite Indian restaurant. You'll love it!

Unfortunately, we don't have many skinny boyz to offer here like they do in Boston. It's those darn buffets in this town, ruining all the potential eye candy, LOL.

Jeff said...

It's a date, Jim! :)