Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Blue plate special

Happy St. Patrick's Day!! Can't believe I don't have anything green today - I'll make it up sometime soon! They did mark the day at the hospital, though, with many of the (ahem) nurses dressed up a bit and there was a St. Patrick's day placemat on mom's tray at lunch and she had a green napkin. This was an excellent day for mom. She had a shower this morning and was dressed when I got there at noon. She went for a walk this afternoon, without oxygen, and it's seems that they have taken her off oxygen for a while again. It's certainly a lot easier for her to get around without the oxygen tube following her everywhere she goes.

While she was eating dinner (fish cakes), I saw a guy from the opposite side of the corridor asking a (ahem) nurse for a bathrobe (housecoat). He was just in a johnny shirt. The (ahem) nurse lifted a few items on the cart full of towels and johnny shirts and told him they're weren't any bathrobes to be found. He looked kind of flabbergasted, and said, "Oh well, I'll just go with the flow..." and made his way back to his room. When I went out to get mom a facecloth after she had eaten, I found a whole pile of clean bathrobes, so I took one and went in the direction I had seen the man go. I found him easily. He was on the phone, but I held up the bathrobe and told him that I had heard him earlier when he was looking for one. The look in his eyes said it all. He was both incongruous and very grateful. People get better at that gall darn place in spite of the (ahem) nurses, not with their help. It's truly a disgrace.

In any case, after getting mom situated for the night, I came home and rustled up some grub for myself. A pan-fried fillet of cod done in an eggwash and then dipped in flour and dill, the last piece of an asian spring roll I had had at lunch, some leftover basmati rice and vegetables, and a dollop of Brad's homemade hummus. It hit the spot!

Unfortunately, dude in the blue drawers wasn't serving it :(

Back to the grind tomorrow. Ugh... But I am looking forward to dinner tomorrow at Georges and Barb's. Perhaps I'll take my camera and snap a few pics there!


Jim said...

Freshly baked loaf of bread? Fillet of cod? It's settled then, George and I are coming over to your place to have dinner every day, LOL. You guys sound like us. We love to cook as well and are constantly trying to come up with new culinary ideas. Sometimes our food is actually better than anything you would get at those famous fancy-schmanzy restaurants on the Strip.

And cheaper too.

Mark in DE said...

That was kind of you to take that robe to the gentleman in need. I'm sure it meant a lot to him.

Kindly let me know where the boy in the blue shorts WILL be serving dinner, as I need to make a reservation. :-)