Saturday, March 21, 2009

Skinny Saturday 49

Just a brief shout out on this beautiful sunny Saturday (still breezy and cool, though). Brad got home late in the day yesterday, around 9:00 p.m. He was really tired after skiing all week and being with his father 24/7 too! He was glad to be home and I was glad to have him back.

Unfortunately, we weren't able to get to Don's grandmother's visitation or funeral. With Brad getting back so late yesterday and mom still in the hospital, it just wasn't possible. Don and Mar and his family have been very much in our thoughts these last few days, however.

Now I have to head back up to the hospital to help mom with supper. I went up at lunchtime as well. She was not too bad today. But I took her for a walk (just up and down the corridor) and she was very winded at the end of it, even being on 2.5 litres of oxygen. I think it's looking more and more like she will go into a nursing home, rather than returning to her special care home. We should know by mid-week next week, I expect. If that is indeed the case, she will stay in the hospital until a place opens up at a nursing home. We will, however, have to move her stuff out of her current place to make way for a new resident there... No rest of the wicked!

This time next week, though, Brad and I will be in NYC where I'm hoping it will be full-fledged spring!

Have a good weekend everyone and take care! Here's da boyz!


Mark in DE said...

Perhaps your mom moving to a nursing facility will reduce your need to be there so often. Obviously you'll go when you want to, but won't feel so 'needed'.

Hope you enjoy your NYC trip! I'll be joining you in spirit.

Thanks for the fab boyz.

Jeff said...

Thanks, buddy! Would be a blast to visit The City sometime with you and Joe! :)