Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Hey guys. Not much new going on here these days. My sis left yesterday, so mom is left just to me to fend for her. She had another weak spell today and just about fainted, but the nurses were right beside here and were able to lay her down on the floor before she fell (she was unable to make it back to her bed after sitting up in her chair to eat breakfast). It's strange as her oxygene level, blood pressure, and other stats that they took just after the incident were all good. I went up right after work, helped her with supper, and made out her menu for Thursday. Nothing to do but keep on keeping on, I guess. Bradley had made a lovely salad, which we enjoyed after I got home.

It was a beautiful sunny day here and +5 C (low 40s F). The snow, she starts to melt, which makes for a great slushy mess during the daytime and slippery minefield at night and the early morning when it refreezes. Soon it will be April, though, whose showers bring May flowers. But first we have to get through another Friday the 13th and the Ides of March. (The Ides are the 15th day of March, May, July, and October and the 13th day of the other month according to the ancient Roman calendar.)

Since there isn't a lot else going on I thought I would just post a few pics from Brad's trip to Nepal. He and our good friends Don and Marlene went on an organized trek to Everest base camp back in the fall of 2007.They are all big-time hikers and I'm not, so off they went and I sat that trip out and stayed home with the dogs. As it turned out, the week we moved mom into her special care home fell at the same time, so I had to be here in any case. Enjoy:

Brad always makes friends with dogs wherever he goes. (And I KNOW it's Nepal (not Tibet), but I think this must be the Dalai Lama of dogs - just look at the wisdom in those eyes!)

Prayer flags

My guy

Don and Mar


Careful - you'll get dizzy!

Paydirt - Everest bast camp!

One of the main reasons I "sat" this trip out at home! ;0


Joy said...

It's beautiful there, but I can see your point.

I love Brad's smile, and that dog's eyes are definitely wise.

Anonymous said...

Jeff, That was one of the "nice" toilets.

Jeff said...

'Sactly Mar! :)

Mark in DE said...

Glad you are finally thawing out! Thanks for the gorgeous photos.

Curtis said...

Beautiful pictures!

And your guy is quite handsome!

DW said...

Jesh Joy!
You think Nepal is beautiful, you love Brad's smile and even think the dog looks wise, but not a mention of Mar or me. :-)

Jeff said...

LOL!! Glad you finally took the plunge, DW, and made a comment on the blog!! :)

(And both you and Mar are Skinny Saturday material, you know that! ;)

Joy said...

And I caused the comment by being so rude! I apologize, Don and Marlene, and didn't intentionally leave you out! I guess I wasn't aware you were reading this but should have been. You are brave souls indeed to undertake that trip and very fit to be able to do all that hiking! You are both awesome! How's that? Better? :-)