Friday, March 13, 2009

Fantasy Real Estate

Hey all. A cold but sunny day here in eastern Canada. Supposed to be sunny for the next little while and gradually warming up, if you can call it that, to about +5 C early next week. I've got our car today and will be heading up to the hospital at lunchtime to see how mom is doing. We're going over to Shaun and Mary's for dinner tomorrow night, which is a rain check from February 28, when both Shaun and Mary were under the weather. That date, as you may recall, was also Shaun's 50th birthday - so get ready from some spanks tomorrow night, pal-o-mine! On Sunday, Brad and his dad are heading to Maine for 5 days of skiing. If things remain calm at work, I hope to take Monday and Tuesday off as well to spend more time at with mom and have a bit of a break from work. I'll also be doing double duty with the dogs, since I usually walk just Kaiser and Brad takes Jasper. Next week, I'll have to walk them both, which is no fun task these days with the sidewalks being a glade of ice. Kaiser and I walked on the street part of the way this morning - there's very little traffic at 6:00 a.m - since the streets are mostly bare pavement and a lot easier to walk on.

Let's take a trip to Brussels for this week's fantasy real estate. A beautiful apartment priced at around $1 million US. I could live there!

Bonne fin de semaine à vous tous!


Jim said...

Oh wow! A whole +5 degrees Celcius? That's basically a heatwave. I'm glad to hear you guys are finally getting a break from the frigid temps. It's definitely warming up nicely down here in Sin City.

I've never been to Belgium. But the apartment looks amazing. The offer still stands. Should we throw our money together? LOL

Mark in DE said...

Hope you enjoy the warmer weather, and your days off work next week. Say hi to your mom for me!

The apt is very nice. I approve. You may buy it. :-)

Jeff said...

One of these days, I'm going to take you up on that offer, Jim! ;)

And thanks for your stamp of approval, Mark! You and Joe will have to come and visit!

It did stay calm at work and I am taking Monday and Tuesday off next week. Ahhhh, a 4-day weekend! :)

Anonymous said...

Great apartment and Brussels is breathtaking. I could live there. I'm off to NS today. Talk soon. PCJL

Joy said...

Wow! I love that apartment! I could definitely live there!