Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday catch up

Hey gang. Been a busy day off here for me. I slept in until almost 9:00 a.m. then jumped up, grabbed a coffee and walked both dogs (one at at time, of course). After breakfast (if half a grapefruit qualifies for that), I dashed up to the hospital to help mom with lunch. She was in the washroom when I got there, as she had had to have another enema today. It's the struggle of her life, it seems, getting her bowels to move. In any case, the enema was a success, so she'll be good to go for a few days. She was pretty good today, actually , and would have gone for a walk, but they were unable to find a portable oxygen cylinder in the entire hospital. Can you imagine?! My eyes have truly been opened during this last month! I pray I never get sick and have to spend any amount of time there!

In other news, Brad and his dad left yesterday morning for a 5-day ski vacation in Maine. It would have been a beautiful day today on the slopes. It was bright and sunny here with the temperature just getting above 4 C.

Just about forgot - we had a great dinner and evening at Shaun and Mary's on Saturday night. Mussels for apps and some of Shaun's homemade baguette, then roasted salmon and vegetables for dinner. Marlene had brought an amazing coffee cheese cake, which she swore was made with decaf coffee, and it must have been, as it didn't keep me from sleeping at all! It was great to see all our good friends again and Barb's mom, too! A great time was had by all. We even got to watch a DVD of Shaun and Mary's daughter bungee jumping at Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe (she has just returned from a 6-month round the world volunteer venture!).

One day last week, Brad made a homemade loaf of bread that turned out spectactularly. I just finsihed off the last piece:

Last night, I made our usual Sunday night dinner - baked potato, maple/dijon glazed salmon, and vegetables, which I enjoyed all by my lonesome at the kitchen counter. Tonight, I made a Thai tofu and zucchini curry, which I also ate at the kitchen counter while reading Saturday's Globe and Mail. I've gotten so I hate to sit at the dining room table if I am eating alone. Hasta pronto!

Ohh, and two more things I meant to mention... My hands are really killing me. I wash them so often at hospital that they are like sandpaper and they're split in the corners by my fingernails in several places. Hurts like heck!

And 2: Someone in this gall darn city won $4.5 million in the lotto draw last Saturday -- AND IT WASN'T ME!!!!!!! Grrrr.

Okay. That's it. Ciao babies!


Mark in DE said...

Wow, you guys eat the BEST food! You two should be chefs. Your dinners always look and sound magnificent.

For your hands: use medicated hand cream. You can buy it at the drug store, and I'd recommend buying a large bottle for home use AND a pocket-size tube for when you're not at home. Apply it everytime you wash your hands, and whenever else you think of it.

Joy said...

I keep hoping you'll win the lottery there, and I'll win it here. I want to visit you in one of those luxury homes and will invite you to mine!

I agree about your meals! They look and sound delicious!