Saturday, March 14, 2009

Skinny Saturday 48

Hey gang. It's another beautiful sunny, but cool day here. It was -13 C this morning, but it's now about 7 C. This up and down temperature action acts like a primer for the sap in the trees. Soon the it will be flowing through the trees again and it will be maple sugaring time once again. Do y'all like maple syrup, btw? On several trips we have taken where we have rented out a room on someone's apartment (we did that with a lovely kindergarten teacher in Copenhagen) or rented an entire apartment from someone (Stockholm), we've taken a bottle of local maple suryp as a small gift. Everyone always seem very appreciative. I also have a recipe for a Danish spice cake that calls for a cup and a half of maple sugar that I will post soon as well. It's yummy, but it's definitely a wintertime cake - it sticks to your ribs!

Was up to see mom this morning. My brother and sister-in-law and neice weer there as well for a while. My sis-in-law thanked me for everything I am doing for mom, and jokingly said it was payback for all the time mom had gotten up in the middleof the night to get me bread and molassas when I was little (she did indeed used to do that!). Yeah, I thought, for sure, but she also did a lot for ALL of my siblings, not just me. Basically, though, it's my sister from out West and me who tend to mom's needs (I stewed more prunes for her this afternoon). Our four other sublings pay her lip service. Ah well. I really don't mind. She did sacrifice a lot for me in particular. And I truly do believe in karma; what goes around comes around. I will be heading back up to the hospital as soon as I post this, as well. She has been okay today, but yesterday, WOW! When I went at lunchtime, she was sitting up in her chair, fully dressed (for the first time in the month she has been hospitalized), hearing aid in, and raring to go for a walk after lunch! I couldn't believe it! I am hoping she is turning a corner, but am not yet getting my hopes up.

We're really looking forward to our dinner tonight at Shaun and Mary's (aka grandma and grandpa!) (Anyone remember the Kettles, incidently??) Don and Mar will be there as well as George and Barb. Should be a wonderful time. Barb's mom (Barb Sr.) from Nova Scotia will be there as well, as she is visiting for the weekend. She is a super gal and Brad and I are very fond of her. She raised a wonderful daughter who married one of our best friends!

Okay... Gotta run... On to the boyz of Skinny Saturday 48! (And hey, you know, I just passed the one year blogoverasry mark... It was sometime in late February last year when I started up Ripple again... So belated happy birthday, blog-o-mine!) Have a good weekend everyone!


Joy said...

Good news about your mother! I know that made you feel great to see her like that again. That was sweet what you wrote about her. It's all about love!

What's not to like about maple syrup? That's a thoughtful hostess gift that was appreciated.

Mark in DE said...

Glad to hear your mom had a great day! Happy blogiversary!!

As usual, loved the bois.

Tristan said...

I like the last one...

Glad to hear your mom is up and about. Sounds like she's definitely turning the corner.
Spring is in the air!

Jim said...

Good to hear that your mother is feeling much better. Is the weather driving you bonkers yet? Reminds me of the good old winter days in Munich. Bitter cold one day, almost too warm the next.

Oh...and Happy Blogiversary :)

Jeff said...

Thanks guys! Much appreciated! And yes, Jim, the weather is truly driving me crazy. (That started in sometime in February, actualy!) I just want all the snow to be gone, but that's going to take a while Just hope we don't have a flood again this year, as we did last. We weren't affected (knock wood) but many people in the cty and surrouding area were.