Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Cooler head

Well. I've calmed down a bit. Sorry for that rant last night. (And thanks for the supportive comment, Joy! :) The pressure and stress from mom's stay in the hospital and her discharge and the problem with the water in her room all came to a head, I guess. Mom herself was in a good mood this morning and didn't want me to press things regarding the commode situation, so I am steping back and will let things play out as they will. I called mom again this afternoon and she sounded absolutely amazing. Truly her old self. I hope it lasts, though I recognize that it probably won't. In any event, there is an opening at another home closeby and I'm going to take another look at it on the weekend. It was my first choice a couple of years ago when I was looking for a place for mom to move into, but there were no openings back then. It's absolutely gorgeous and accommodates only 6 residents, so it is much more like a real home environment and I think the food would probably be better, too. It's set on an idyllic 2 or 3 acres right on a lake. The grounds are absolutely beautiful in the summertime. The only drawback is that the rooms, while all private, are on the small side and mom wouldn't have the space she is now used to. Oh well, life is a game of give and take. It's worth another look and that's what I'll do on the weekend.

In other news, Brad and I will soon be off to the U.S. again! Our good friend Paul(ie) will be marking the big 5-0 later this month and he's asked us to take a trip to Boston with him to celebrate! And who could say no to our Paulie? I'm going to drive down with Paul and Ron, and Brad, since he has a choir concert that weekend, will drive to Bangor again on the Sunday and fly to Boston from there. We've just been to BOston on day trips before and don't know the city that well... We're definitely open to suggestions on what to do and see while there :)

And it's a great day for equality in Vermont! The Legislature there made same-sex marriage legal today! Way to go and congrats!


Anonymous said...

I'm certainly looking forward to our holiday together. I hope your mom's situation gets sorted out soon...stay strong. PCJL

Anonymous said...

Can you guys stay home for a while so we can visit? Just kidding ...sounds like you guys had a great time...I'm sooo green!!!

Happy Birthday to Paul!!!!


Joy said...

Good news about your mother! I hope things work out about the other home.

Another trip! Boston is another good place to visit. Have fun!

Jeff said...

Thanks, guys! And Barb, we will HAVE to get together next week or next weekend!

Tristan said...

Yay for the same sex marriage law!
If your mom is closer it's probably a better choice...