Saturday, April 18, 2009

Skinny Saturday 51

Well, it's been another beautiful spring day here in the Maritimes. The temperature must have gone up to 13 or 14 C, very nice. I stayed in bed this morning until almost 9:30. I had woken up around 3:00 a.m. and I took half an Ativan in an attempt to get back to sleep, but to no avail, so around 4:00, I took another half and gradually drifted back into slumberland around 5:00 or so.

After walking Kaiser, grabbing a bite, and making out our grocery list, I headed down to the basement to bike my 21 km in 45 minutes. Then, after showering and eating lunch (a tasty sandwich with smoked salmon), I headed back down to the "other" home to give it another once over. I was successful today, i.e., I made it all the way to the home without the road being flooded.

And wow. It is SUCH a nice place. I maintain that I would live there. And one of the workers is actually someone who left working mom's current residence to go there. The rooms are in fact a bit bigger than a remember them, but still smaller than mom's current room. But I am more convinced than ever that mom should make the move. I think she would much better care and be in an atmosphere that is much more like living in a real home, as opposed to "a senior's home." I called mom after I got back and told her all this... She's unsure what to do... She thinks a move would be a big deal both for her and for me... I told her not to worry about me... We could move her in a half day. No big deal.... In any case, I told her that I would like for her to see it for herself and that I would take her there tomorrow if she was up to it. She said that she would sleep on it and that she supposed it wouldn't hurt to look. I hope she goes. I think after one look, she, too, will be convinced. Wish me luck!

In other news, Georges and Barb are coming over tonight for a few drinks after dinner - I think I may break out a bottle of Pinotage that we purchased in NYC... It's been a while since we've connected with our good friends... (And we can always pick up more in Boston next weekend!)

With that, on to the boyz!

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Mark in DE said...

Glad to hear the new home sounds much better for your mom. Hopefully you can take her for a tour and she'll agree to move in.

As usual, your selection of boyz is terrific!