Wednesday, April 15, 2009

This and that...

Hey guys and gals... Not a whole lot new to report... Just two days working so far this week and I am already looking forward to the weekend. Things are really picking up at work and I also have to do the performance appraisal of the employee working under me before I leave next Thursday. I'm taking Friday next week and Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday the following week to do Boston with Paul and Ron and Brad. (We gotta get together and do some planning, btw, guys!)

It was a gorgeous sunny and warm day here - warm being relative - 10 C, which is in the low 60s F, I think. Still some patchs of snow hanging around, but there are some signs of spring in the air. Kaiser and I came across a gaggle of honking geese heading north on our early morning walk this morning. Lots of birds singing now in the mornings, too, and some of the grass is actually starting to turn a little green... The trees are just starting to bud though, and it will be a good month before we see any leaves.

Today, Brad and I booked another week at the same cottage we had already booked for a week in August (beautiful dog-friendly place on a river, close to the east coast, and no neighbours for 1 km on either side!). We are now booked for 2 straight weeks in August. We had been waffling about what to do and we considering taking another week in the fall and renting a cottage in Maine, but the idea of having two weeks off in a row proved too tantilizing. It will be so nice to just plop ourselves down someplace nice for 2 whole weeks and have the time to really relax and unwind. It's been a long time since we've done that and I am very much looking forward to it. We'll take lots of good books and new recipies, sleep in, head to the beach, kayak, walk, swim in the river and the ocean, play with the dogs, and do some day trips, too... Ahhh, I can't wait!

Oh, and here's a new song I heard today on Radio Bruno (from Bologna). Give it to me Right by Melanie Fiona. I guess it's kind of an old song from the 1960s, but it's new to me and I like how she does it. Check it out:


Mark in DE said...

Your 2-week vacation at the lake/ocean sounds heavenly!!

Jim said...

One of these days we will make that trip through the New England states that we've been planning for years.

And it sounds like someone is finally starting to thaw out. Welcome to Spring, my friends. :)

Enjoy your weekend.

Jeff said...

Mark: I truly cannot wait!

Jim: And when you fellas do make your tirp to New England, you will have to travel a bit farther north and visit us!

Good weekend to you guys too!

Joy said...

That sounds like two weeks of an ideal life! So glad you've decided!