Thursday, April 30, 2009

Scenes from a City

Hey all,

Here are the first installment of pics from our fabulous trip to Boston. It was about a 7 and a half hour drive and we found our way to our hotel in the downtown area without a hitch. We were all kind of dreading the traffic (arriving at Friday rush hour), but it was light and didn't pose a problem at all. We stayed at the Omni Parker House on School Street (the oldest hotel in the U.S., incidently), which was a great location in the heart of historic Boston. Our first night, we had a fantastic meal at The Oceanaire, an excellent seafood restaurant located in a space that used to be a bank. Very high ceilings and lots of marble. I highly recommend it if you are in town. I had fried clams as an appetizer - they were huge, very tasty and plentiful, enough for a main really, and a grilled swordfish steak with a mango relish, which was also incredibly tasty. We were kind of tired after the long drive, so we turned in fairly early the first night to be bright and shiny for the next day. Here are a few pics:

On the road - Mount Kathadin in Maine in the distance straight ahead

Lovely homes along Commonwealth Avenue - Magnolia trees in blossom


The Public Gardens

Cute boys playing flute in the Public Gardens

Roof tops - Note the detail on the steeple

More fun in the park

Boston Common and State Building

Paulie and I at an Indian Restaurant on our second night

Ron and Paul

Hospitality Suite on the 9th floor

The second tallest building in Beantown. There is a bar/restaurant at the top, often with live jazz. We went both in the daytime at at night. The night shots didn't come out because of the glare from the flash, but below are some pics from the daytime.


Anonymous said...

I'm tearing up from the great memories.


Jeff said...

I hear you, buddy! It was a great trip.

P.S.: If you click on and expand the pic with the sailboats in it, you can see the wharf we hung out on on Tuesday.

Mark in DE said...

Wow, sounds great! It has been too long since my last/only trip to Boston. I must go again!

Jim said...

Glad to hear you guys had a fun trip and are back home all safe and sound. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos.

Have a great weekend :)

Curtis said...

Boston is a terrific city!

Joy said...

Love the pictures and wish I were there again. Glad you had a good time!