Monday, April 20, 2009

It's Official

The move is a go! Mom wasn't feeling well yesterday morning and didn't want to go down to check the new place out, but she is going to take my word for that she would be better off at the new place. It's truly not something that I take lightly and I am convinced that she will be immeasurably happier at the new place. It's like living in a real home with 5 other people in the middle of a beautiful park-like setting as opposed to living in a converted hospital with 40 other residents. I am very pleased. And relieved. At the new place, I KNOW that she will receive the best care possible. I gave her formal notice of lease termination today. She will have until the end of May to move, but hopefully, we'll be able to do it around the middle of next month. Phew... A huge weight off my shoulders... Now I just have to tell my siblings!


Jim said...

We're happy for you and especially for your mom. It does look like a beautiful place. She should feel very comfortable there. A great week to all of you and enjoy Spring :)

Mark in DE said...

Great news! You are a wonderfully devoted son.

Joy said...

This is great and has to be such a relief! Glad to hear this.