Monday, April 13, 2009

The weekend what was...

Wow... THAT went by fast! As 4-day Easter weekends usually do, unfortnately. And now that the weekend is over, I can tell you who our guest was - It was Maurice from Montréal (author of aMMusing, for which there is a link in the side bar, though Maurice has not been blogging much of late. **Ahem**). He came down to help a bunch of our Paulie's friends and family celebrate his 50th birthday! YAY PAULIE! Happy Birthday in advance, buddy! Paul's actual birthday is later this month, but one of his sisters wanted to suprise him big-time and held the celebration about 2 weeks ahead of his real birthday. And suprised he was, though he told us later that he had an inkling that something was afoot when he read on this blog that a "friend from out of town was visiting for the weekend..." Really, Paulie. You are far too suspecious!

In any event, it was great to visit with Maurice and to spend an evening with a whole group of Paul's friends and family.

In other news, I never made it down to the other home on the weekend, unfortunately. I was going to go and made a valiant attempt... On Saturday, after driving for about 30 minutes and with only about another 10 minutes to go, the water was over the road and I could go no farther. Several vehicles ahead of me (a half ton truck and a volvo) made it though, and I probably could have made it as well, but I didn't want to chance it. Our car is quite low to the ground, and I could just see myself making it half way though and the car stalling. THAT would not have been pretty. So I turned the air blue and turned the car around, drove back to where I had started, and set off for mom's current residence. We had a good visit, though I was still annoyed about not being able to get to the other home... Perhaps I'll try again next weekend. Mom is now using her oxygen only when she goes out for meals and through most of the night. She does seem to be getting stronger and not nearly so winded whenever she does anything... Long may it last! Hopefully she'll be able to off the oxygen completely in a month or so.

After visiting mom, I came home and made dinner for Brad and Maurice and myself

Sautéed scallops and celery with steamed asperagus with hollandaise sauce and basmati rice

The birthday boy and his mommy! Doesn't Paul's mom look GREAT for 90!!

Just before dude smushed the cake into Paulie's face -- just kidding, this was the offical blowing out of the candles


Mark in DE said...

Maurice and Jeff look so handsome, and Paul's mother is AMAZING if she's really 90. Glad you had such a great weekend, save for the wash-out.

Jim said...

Looks like all of us enjoyed a nice Easter weekend. Are Good Friday and Easter Monday official holidays in Canada? Well, not so in the U.S. and we're supposed to be oh so religious.

And the dinner looks yummy too. Great, now I'm hungry!

Jeff said...

Mark: That Maurice and Brad! ;) And yes indeed, Paul's mom is 90 iondeed. Her mother (Paul's grandmother) was actually the oldest woman in Canada at one point - she lived to the ripe old age of 111!

Jim: Good Friday is a statutory holiday here, meaning EVERYONE gets it off. Easter Monday is a civic holiday, so basically just government and civil servants get it off. :)