Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Baby, it's COLD out there! This morning it was minus 20 C (- 4 F) and this coming weekend, the temperature is supposed to dip down to -30 C (-22 F!). Yikes. Kaiser got a very short walk this morning, both because I overslept a bit and because it was so cold. At least his paws seem to have adjusted to the salt they use on the roads. The first part of the winter, when ever we crossed a street, he would jump and hop all over the place.

Here's a neat little link that shows you where the other side of the planet is in relation to where you are. Just type in your coordinates and presto! From me, the other side of the world is in the middle of the Indian ocean!

And a chunk of one of my teeth fell out last night! I was just nibbling a small piece of chocolate left over from Christmas and out came this sizeable piece of one of my bottom molars. It doesn't hurt and is not bothering me, but I still have to get in to see my dentist. I made an appointment for next week. Ugh... There's always something.

Stay warm!


Jim said...

Ouch...sorry about your tooth. Which reminds me, I should go see my dentist again soon as well. And minus 20 C? That's just not right. One of the things I don't miss about living in Munich is winter. We had a day or two of snow here in Las Vegas. That was enough for me. Geez, I turned in into such a wimp, LOL.

Jeff said...

I saw your pics of the snow in Las Vagas, Jim! And I sent one to my sister who lives in Western Canada. She had just been in Las Vegas the week before. She would have been really depressed had it snowed when she was there!

We are in for at least 4 or 5 days of extraordinarily cold temperatures (-32 to -34 C at night with extreme windchills to go along with it!) I think we'll just stay home by the fireplace this coming weekend!

Mark in DE said...

When its below freezing (32 F) our dog Jordan may/may not get a walk. If its breezy then I just take her out in the yard long enough to do her business.

Yikes! Sorry about your tooth.