Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Drip, drip, drip...

So last night after somehow managing to bike my 21 km in the cold torture chamber we call our basement, I went up to the top floor where our master bedroom is to take a shower. The hot water felt so good after biking, I stayed in a few extra minutes. Brad was still working in his office on our second floor, so I continued on downstairs to rustle up some grub. My post-exercise glow quickly turned to red when I arrived in the kitchen, however! Water was leaking from the ceiling all over the flat top stove, the counter top, and onto the floor. It was dripping out by one of the screws in the track lighting - nice, that will mix well with the electrical current, I thought! I shouted for Brad to come quick, which is my wont in such circumstances.

Turns out it was all his fault! He had removed the caulking while trying to replace the drain in the shower on the 3rd floor. He hadn't thought much about it and was going to recaulk the entire shower on the weekend... In any case, some of the water must have not made it into the drain and flowed down the outside of the pipe. The leak stopped almost immediately and we got it cleaned up in no time. Now we'll both be showering on the second floor until the new caulking dries. No real harm done at all. There's not even a mark on the kitchen ceiling. I'm thankful that we have two bathrooms and am remined how so many people across the globe don't even have running water, heck don't even have a roof over their heads, so this miniscule inconvenience for us is not even a drop in the proverbial bucket when it comes to the hardship that so many have to endure. I wish there was more I could do to help others, and I wish they would stop bombing the crap out of each other in Gaza and Israel.

On another, happier, note. I took some time at lunch today to start researching restaurants in NYC for our upcoming visit at the end of March. I found a few promising places that I'll share with you later. If any one has a favourite haunt please let me know. We will be staying in Chelsea and don't eat much meat, but we both love seafood.

Brad wants the computer, so I have to run... Till later. Stay warm!

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Mark in DE said...

I always cringe when it comes to water leaks. Glad yours was pretty easy to fix.

When we were in NYC last Oct our friend took us to dinner at a cozy Italian place called Basilica, which I'd recommend.