Wednesday, January 21, 2009

End of an Error!

Well, that's it. Bush is gone and Obama is President of the U.S. Thank god! There were times I thought this day would never come! To think that that smirking chimp had the nuclear codes! I hope they don't let him out of Texas again!

I did end up taking yesterday off. I had a bunch of stuff I didn't get done on the weekend that I was able to do yesterday (mostly making GI muffins and vegetarian chili). I also biked my 21 km, shovelled the end of the driveway after the plow had gone by during the night and made its heavy deposit (took me almost half an hour), walked to the pool and back, and swam for 20 minutes. Phew!

The snowbanks here are almost up to my armpits when walking on the sidewalks. There must be a good 2 and a half feet in the back yard... But, just over a week left in January, and spring will officially start just 2 months from today! YAY!

I found another apartment I want in Stockholm. I'll post some pics of it soon. It's 15 million SEK (that's a measley $2.3 million CAD). But tonight's 6/49 jackpot is $33 million!! I want it!!

Wish me luck!


Joy said...

I am thrilled!

It's also good to have someone who pronounces nuclear correctly.

Jeff said...

Hi Joy! Nice to see you, and welcome to the blog!

Jim said...

"Someone who pronounces nuclear correcctly." I love that one. Yes, let's hope they won't let the chimp out of Texas again. Too bad though, Texas is actually a nice state.

I like the appartment in Stockholm. Maybe we can share and split the cost? :)

Jeff said...

Sounds like a good plan, Jim! :)

Stockholm is truly a beautiful city.

Mark in DE said...

I'm glad you enjoyed watching the Inauguration events. I only watched about 30 minutes, while Biden and Obama were sworn in and Obama delivered his speech.

Man, you guys have a lot of snow!